Melinda Nemiroff, LCSW, DCSW

I am a psychotherapist with over 26 years of experience who uses a common sense, practical approach to counseling. This is coupled with extensive experience in a wealth of therapeutic techniques helpful to all children, adults and families. I believe in an interactive approach to helping my clients find solutions. As a therapist, I encourage clients to make positive choices enabling them to life the life they want and deserve to live.  Among the approaches I am skilled at using are: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Diaelectrical Behavioral Therapy, Pschyodynamic Supportive Psychotherapy , Play Therapy, Crisis Intervention and Art Therapy. I am an experienced marriage and relationship counselor. I am experienced at treating trauma related illnesses in both children and adults. Among the clients I have helped are the military, using Crisis Based approaches to treat PTSD, I have extensive experience with working with relationship, family and family of origin issues and with individuals experiencing grief or loss.

A particular interest of mine is counseling families of children with developmental disabilities. I have both individual and group experience working with children on the Autism Spectrum. I have treated children across the spectrum from those with what used to be called Asperger’s to those with moderate to severe Autism. I also treat children with Pervasive Developmental Disabilities as well as helping their families cope with this often devastating diagnosis. I help these families navigate the often complicated and difficult educational choices they face.


Some years ago, I was named one of the best therapists in America by a leading psychology magazine. I have worked with Employee Assistance, Managed Care and Insurance companies as well as private individuals to help my clients achieve realistic, proactive solutions that help them cope and find happiness and fulfillment. My clients have made significant positive changes in their lives and view their couseling experience as the tool that enabled them to make these changes.


If you are an individual or family seeking help, support and guidance, I welcome your calls and inquiries. I think you will find that I make counseling a comfortable and safe experience so that you can resolve your issues and needs in as brief a time as possible.


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